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Healthy habits for body and brain

Hi, I’m Julie, a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach passionate about supporting mind and body health through the power of food and lifestyle.

How, when and what we eat can have a big impact on mood, behaviour and even the size of our brains, just as much as our digestion and bodily health. We are what we eat, and mental health conditions such as Anxiety, depression, ADHD/ADD can be supported through food and target nutrients.  

I can help you make informed choices when it comes to your health, inspiring easy and sustainable changes to your lifestyle.  Whether that's one on one, or through group workshops, information can be adapted to your work or community too. 


Are you
suffering with...

  • Anxiety and low mood?

  • Brain fog and forgetfulness?


  • Tired all the time?

  • Food intolerances?

  • Headaches?

  • IBS type symptoms?

  • Stress and overwhelm?

  • Trouble sleeping?

  • Weight control?

  • Worried about staying well in old age?

My services

Digestive issues


Community and charity

and charity

Anxiety, mood and brain function - Vagus Wellbeing

Anxiety, mood
& brain function

Weight management

Weight management

Testing and supplements

Testing and Supplements

Workplace wellness

Workplace wellness

Customer review

"I was recommended to try Vagus Wellbeing after I was ill with particularly bad IBS. Julie was an excellent therapist. She explained the reasoning behind the physical symptoms and gradually helped me to introduce foods and supplements that have made a huge difference in how I feel. She treats the whole body and is very encouraging and helpful. I now feel much better than I have done for years and am happily booking holidays when I was afraid to do so before!"

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