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Community support

Helping the community

Helping others less fortunate than our own circumstances is a core value of Vagus Wellbeing.

There is so much power in community as a way to learn, share and thrive. Coaching and collaboration is at the heart of our business, and we love to work with:


  • Charities and CIC's

  • Retreats and hotels

  • Other wellness professionals e.g. yoga, meditation, exercise professionals, talking therapies etc.

Group workshops and webinars, blog and vlogs, and food demos can be a fun way to bring your group together.  The healthiest communities around the world eat together and share conversations which changes our physiology!

Under-represented or deprived communities will often suffer with poor nutrition disproportionately and need access to quality information even more so. Discounts are available to to charities and CIC's to make access to quality information affordable.


Whilst precision nutrition can provide intense results, there are common areas of food and lifestyle that are common across our communities, such as:

  • Understanding quality nutrition

  • The effect of sugar

  • Managing stress and mental health

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • How the gut effect everything!

Did you know, if you're a member of the FSB, you can access my services for free under their FSB Care support?  Simply go to for more information, to start your journey of health right now.

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